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“Barbie’s class is wonderful!! After attending, I have come to look at food SO differently than ever before. I look for more seasonal fruits and vegetables, and I try to cook with just whole ingredients (instead of processed food). The information she gave comes from a lifetime of experience and research. I came away feeling inspired to cook and, the food was amazing!”

— Lora G.

I recommend Seasonal Eating to Thrive to anyone who wants to strengthen their food/health consciousness. It will help you create delicious, super nutritious meals and achieve your desired quality of life.

- Louise F

“Thanks Barbie, you take all of the healthy concepts -- herbs, colored veggies, minerals, sprouting, soaking, good fats, balanced meals -- and weaves them in to our everyday dinner. All you get is tasty foods without even knowing how good the food is for your immune system and all of your organs.”

- Dr. Thao Nguyen M.D., Primary Care