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Cooking fresh ingredients at home is unquestionably the healthiest way to eat, yet so many people find the task daunting. I want to make cooking a tasty, nutritious meal feel easy so that you can champion your health through food. 

My Mission is to build the habits and skillsets that enable you to enjoy making healthy and delicious food with ease.

I teach techniques, not just recipes, to develop intuition and confidence in the kitchen.

I offer guidance on what ingredients to buy and why it matters where your food comes from.

I equip you to make healthy choices and spearhead your health journey by sharing nutritional information. 

Sign Up for In-Person Classes

In the Bay Area? 

Join me for live cooking classes and lunch or dinner, depending on the class - Saturdays in South Bay.

The focus, as always, will be seasonal food. Cooking techniques and planning for “cook once, eat twice” meals.

- We cover mid-week ideas for busy people.

- We’ll create delicious flavors using proper cooking methods.

- In-person classes will be for at most eight students.

- Classes will be hands-on and a group effort.

Join me in the kitchen 


Online cooking membership coming January 2024, join the waitlist 

 Private or Group Cooking Classes options in the Bay Area 

Custom Private or Catering Events on Request 

 For My European Culinary Retreat

I believe:


Good home cooking doesn't have to be daunting; it should be enjoyed 

Meals should taste delicious

Nutrient dense food is imperative to good health and wellbeing

Food is the ultimate unifier

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