Special Events

Community Cuisine offers classes, lectures, and special events that bring the community together with chefs, nutritionists, farmers, artisans, and food activists. We are a gathering place for culinary arts, food traditions from the past, and wisdom from the rich cultures of our community.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we can travel to your community! 
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Past Events

JAMBO Gala: Be a Bridge to a Better World
November 8, 2014

Dear friends,

Building footbridges in rural Kenya is a bit like an Amish barn-raising. Everyone in the community has a part to play. The local villages and communities come together and provide the manpower to build bridges which save lives and allow access to schools, clinics, and the market.

What these communities need, however, is engineering expertise and the funds for supplies.

The purpose of JAMBO Gala is to raise funds to build three or more bridges per year and assist with general operating costs and equipment maintenance for Bridging the Gap Africa.

This organization is close to my heart. My husband and I have supported the work of Harmon Parker, founder of BtGA, for more than twenty years. When my husband lost his life to cancer, I knew that the best way to honor him would be to build a bridge that would save lives. This is what would make him smile.

In 2012, I hosted our first JAMBO Gala to raise funds to build that bridge. Today, I'd like to invite you to join me for our second JAMBO Gala on November 8th in San Jose, CA. 

Come be a part of a community that will be a bridge to a better world. I hope to see you at The Tech. It’s going to be a blast!

Barbie Aknin (Community Cuisine)

Photo ©2013, Alison N Strelich

Photo ©2013, Alison N Strelich

FARM TO FEAST with Joel Salatin: March 2014

In the afternoon, Joel’s talk, “think outside the (CSA) box,” was directed to farmers and food producers. Joel discussed ideas to help farmers and professional food folks focus (say that 3 times fast) on thinking outside of the box to find ways to get their products in creative and convenient ways to us, the people who are hungry for healthy and delicious choices. 

In the evening Joel spoke passionately about our lost romance with dinner. Cooking dinner, he challenged, has been replaced with product-purchased, package-opened, reheated meals. Again Joel’s question, “what is our excuse for not feeding ourselves and our families a healthy, delicious dinner?” He told the story of “the soccer mom” who drove for hours to find the best coach for her child and stopped at McDonalds for his dinner. To quote Joel, “Folks, this ain’t normal!” He also discussed the connection with family and friends that can only be found around the dinner table. The truth is hard to hear, but in the privacy of your own home, easy to contemplate. Think about it!

The event also featured a fantastic array of food vendors. Local farmers and artisans offered grass-fed meat deliveries, vegetable CSAs, baked goods and more. These are the folks that can rekindle our romance with dinner. Check out the list of businesses below to see all who were there! Community Alliance with Family Farmers told me that there are over 1,000 farmers in Santa Clara County alone. That is 1,000 reasons to buy produce that has a sticker that says “California” and not “Florida” on it!

Lastly, Joel received a box-load of gifts from attendees. He told me he had never received so many gifts from an event. Thank you all for showing him some California Love!