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“During the winter months, all things in nature wither, return home, and enter a resting period…”

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Of Medicine (NI 1995, 6)

"Barbie’s seasonal eating retreat with Community Cuisine was off the charts amazing. Everything about the retreat from start to finish exceeded my expectations. Eating to feed your body and soul and the concept of eating to heal your body is completely transformative. I’ve heard some of the things we learned before but it is so hard to sustain new habits. It truly was like parting the Red Sea. I feel like I can now do this on my own. I can feed myself and my family good tasting nutritious food without spending all day in the kitchen." ~ML

Far beyond an artful interest, cooking is one of the most influential factors in your health care plan.”

~ Chef Frank Giglio

If you need to change your diet and learn more cooking skills for health reasons, weight issues, can’t-get-dinner-on-the-table issues, or just because, this weekend is for you!

The four seasons provide a natural rhythm to keep us in optimal health. Traditionally, each season brings new foods to the table. Eating seasonally supports health and wellness by helping our bodies adjust to the weather, our energy and activity levels, and more.

Seasonal Eating to Thrive Weekend Retreat is a cooking getaway that coincides with nature's seasons.

Advertisers tell us that we don’t have time to cook, promoting convenience over nutrition. The truth: the tastiest, most nutritious foods are made from scratch according to the seasons and can be very simple to prepare.

Plus, seasonal whole foods not only provide us with numerous health benefits and nutrients that our bodies need, they just taste better! During our time together, your relationship with food will be transformed. We’ll cover cooking techniques for all skill levels and create personalized recipe planning that is practical for any lifestyle. The annual need for new year’s resolutions will be a thing of the past! Whether you're home with kids, working 60 hours a week, retired, or just starting out, this retreat is for you!

Invest in your health overlooking the Monterey Bay!

We will help one another with planning and encouragement and you’ll go home with:

  1. A deeper understanding of how to cook nutritious, delicious food using traditional cooking techniques of the past blended with new ideas

  2. New cooking skills that will get you in and out of the kitchen

  3. A unique meal plan designed by you that can be changed and repeated throughout the season

  4. A binder with your plan, support materials, resources, tools, and LOTS of recipes

  5. Follow up support for three months

  6. An invitation to our cooking class and reunion dinner in April

  7. A new group of like-minded friends and supporters

  8. And lots more!

We will cook together, learn new skills and, of course, eat together. In addition to learning the value of eating seasonally, we'll focus on the three “Ps”:

  • Plan: We'll use our Community Cuisine Planning System that will work for varying personality types and phases of life.

  • Purchase: We’ll include strategies and lists for shopping and cover the best sources for clean, healthy, seasonal foods.

  • Prepare: We’ll cook together during three cooking classes covering meal prep do-ahead preparation methods for “dinner in 30.”

Retreat Includes:

  • Two nights and exclusive use of a private home in Soquel overlooking the entire Monterey Bay

  • We’ll have an intimate group of like minded people with a shared goal

  • All meals - Friday dinner through Sunday brunch prepared by you with Barbie

  • Three cooking classes

  • Education, discussion, and planning time to help make your desired lifestyle changes manageable

  • A working binder with seasonal recipes, Community Cuisine Planning System, sourcing list, recipes, tips and tools

  • An emailed PDF version of the curriculum and recipes

  • Community Cuisine’s private Facebook group, Community Cuisine Support, where we share triumphs, questions, recipes and ideas

  • 10% off all cooking classes taught by Barbie in San Jose through April 2019

  • A 10% discount on following Seasonal Eating to Thrive Retreat through 2019

Our Accommodations:

Our private home overlooking the Monterey Bay boasts floor to ceiling windows, patios and the expansive garden. The interior is comfortable, airy, and clean. There are five simple private bedrooms each with a double bed. There is an additional large private room with lots of windows and four comfortable twin beds. Slumber party time! Two bathrooms and a half-bath are in the hall. Outside, paths wind around the three acre property with an organic orchard and garden. Guests are free to wander the entire property on the half mile bark trail. Eighty hens and five roosters live on the property as well as bees with hives in a fenced in enclosure 100 yards from the house.


Barbie Aknin

As owner of Community Cuisine, I talk to students, friends and neighbors weekly about their health struggles or the struggles of loved ones. I have my own health concerns and want to make sure that my diet supports my health goals. Finding support, encouragement and knowledge in others has been of huge importance in my personal journey. This led to the creation of the Seasonal Eating to Thrive Retreats. I’ve created a time away in a beautiful and relaxing setting to focus on and plan your health goals for the upcoming season while also receiving new knowledge and cooking skills. I am excited to host my second year of this retreat and to focus on the celebratory season of winter. I hope you will join us and find new knowledge, support, and community!

Caprice Hardy, R.D.

Faithfully feeding her family and friends for over 30 years, Caprice has a passion for nutritious food, properly prepared and beautifully presented. She received her B.S. degree in Dietetics and Food Administration from California State University, Chico. After graduating with honors, she completed a dietetic internship at the VA in La Jolla, CA and continues to maintain her Registered Dietitian credential. Her continuing education focuses on the current trends in nutrition with an emphasis on the functional and integrative aspects of food that promote optimal health to avoid chronic disease. She is determined to answer the question, “How can our culture find our way out of the chronic health crisis that we’re in?” With the belief that “food is medicine,” Caprice is on the right path to answer this question.

Rooms & Pricing:

  • Queen Bed, Private Room, One Person: $875

  • Queen Bed, Private Room, Two People: $775 per person

  • Queen Bed Shared Plus One Real Twin Mattress on Floor with Comforter, Three People: $650 per person

  • Twin Bed, in private common room. There are four beds in a large room with a patio: $625

  • Twin Mattress on floor with comforter & pillow tucked away in various spots throughout the house: $575

  • Commuter: $445

    • THE commuter price includes everything listed in the program other than accommodations. AirB&B spaces are available in Soquel.

  • Past retreat participants, don’t forget to use your discount code!

  • A 4% fee is added if paying by credit card. Email me to pay by check.