6/19 Food is Medicine: Pre & Probiotics & Gut Health


6/19 Food is Medicine: Pre & Probiotics & Gut Health

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6/19 - Tuesday - 6:30 - 8:30

Do you ever have that “gut feeling” that something’s just not right?  Symptoms of sluggishness, brain fog, food sensitivities and frequent illnesses are signs that your gut needs attention. And which would you rather eat, suppliments or artichokes dipped in melted butter?

70% of our immune system is contained in our gut. This defense system is made up of trillions of beneficial bacteria that provide immunity against foreign invaders and protect our bodies from disease.  But that’s not all! These mighty organisms help digest our food, produce vitamins, can impact our mood and affect our cognitive function. Including prebiotic and probiotic food sources in our diet help to keep this system running at maximum efficiency.

Caprice Hardy, Registered Dietitian, will shed some light on gut health and what we can do to keep our microbiome in balance. Barbie will share delicious ways to include more pre- and probiotics in our diet.  We’ll start the evening off with a kombucha cocktail and sample delicious foods that are rich in probiotics, learn about prebiotic food ingredients that feed & nourish our gut bacteria and more!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The difference between prebiotics and probiotics

  • How our gut functions to protect us from disease

  • Which foods to include and which to avoid in our diet to support a healthy gut

  • The nutritional benefits of fermented foods

  • Recipes ideas and more!

Classes are nonrefundable but feel free to send someone in your place if you are unable to attend.

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Caprice Hardy, R.D.

Faithfully feeding her family and friends for over 30 years, Caprice has a passion for nutritious food, properly prepared and beautifully presented.  She received her B.S. degree in Dietetics and Food Administration from California State University, Chico.  

After graduating with honors, she completed a dietetic internship at the VA in La Jolla, CA and continues to maintain her Registered Dietitian credential.  Her continuing education focuses on the current trends in nutrition with an emphasis on the functional and integrative aspects of food that promote optimal health to avoid chronic disease.

Caprice is determined to answer the question, “How can our culture find our way out of the chronic health crisis that we’re in?” With the belief that “food is medicine,” Caprice is on the right path to answer this question and share it with others.