7/20-21 One-day Retreat + Dinner: Seasonal Eating to Thrive, Summer


7/20-21 One-day Retreat + Dinner: Seasonal Eating to Thrive, Summer

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7/20-21 One-day Retreat + Dinner: Seasonal Eating to Thrive, Summer

Friday 7/20: 5:30 - 9:00 Cooking Class and Dinner

Saturday 7/21: 10:00 - 4:00 Workshop & Cooking Class

Seasonal Eating to Thrive Retreat is a quarterly cooking retreat that coincides with nature's seasons. Nature has a plan, why reinvent the wheel?

We’ve lost touch with the seasons, its rhythm that serves our bodies best, and the knowledge of why seasonal foods are the perfect choice in our pursuit of health. Traditionally, each new season brings new foods to the table. These foods support health and wellness by being appropriate for the time of year, the weather, our activity and energy level and more. Nature provides the perfect “diet”! This combined with traditional cooking and preserving techniques gives us the perfect roadmap to help. By following what nature provides in each season, our eating habits and health will naturally change and balance allowing an equilibrium to occur. No more diets needed! During our time together we will transform our relationship with food and the annual new year’s resolution will be a thing of the past.

"Barbie’s seasonal eating retreat with Community Cuisine was off the charts amazing.  Everything about the retreat from start to finish exceeded my expectations.  Eating to feed your body and soul and the concept of eating to heal your body is completely transformative.  I’ve heard some of the things we learned before but it is so hard to sustain new habits. It truly was like parting the red sea.  I feel like I can now do this on my own.  I can feed myself and my family good tasting nutritious food without spending all day in the kitchen." ~ML

Classes are nonrefundable but feel free to send someone in your place if you are unable to attend.

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Summer is the season for cooling down and keeping hydrated. It's the time of the year for raw foods. After all, who wants to cook in summer?



We’re busy, and have health concerns that need our attention. At the Seasonal Eating to Thrive, One (and a half) Day Retreat we’re going to take the time to plan for the Summer season and for success. We’ll also help one another with community planning, encouragement, and cooking together. Wether you're home with the kids, working 60 hours a week, retired or just starting out, this retreat is for you!

In addition to learning the value of eating seasonally, we'll focus on the four “P's”:


  • Working with our simple Community Cuisine Planning System will put together dinner menus in a simple and flexible way. We’ll cover ideas that will work for varying personality types and phases of life.


  • We’ll include strategies and lists for shopping the best sources for clean, healthy, seasonal foods.
  • We’ll combine quality ingredients and seasonal foods that have not been in storage or traveled the globe and are full of nutrients. Those nutrients equal flavor!

Prep & Prepare

  • We’ll cover do-ahead prep techniques that are help you do “dinner a 30” while also being nutrient dense.
  • We’ll practice these techniques while cooking lunch together. 

The Retreat Includes:

  • A cooking class and dinner Friday night
  • Full day of instruction and planning with Barbie Aknin & Caprice Hardy
  • A working binder with seasonal recipes, Community Cuisine Planning System planning forms, sourcing list, recipes, tips and tools. Includes an emailed PDF version.
  • A cooking class and lunch 
  • Community Cuisine’s private Facebook group where we can share triumphs, questions, recipes and ideas.
  • A $20 gift code to use towards a future class.
  • We’ll have an intimate group of like minded people with a shared goal.
  • You'll leave with a plan for supporting a clean, nutrient dense, Spring.

This retreat is about community support and a positive health change for 2018. We want to support you. We're here for you. To help you get there, contact us for payment plans or several discounted price work scholarships (assisting at the retreat) available.